Walter Yost special exhibit continues thru 2019

True to His Roots - examines the art, history, family and meaning of the work and tools of Atchison County's best known artist

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1963 Valley Farm by Walter Yost

Valley Farm

Discover Atchison County's most well-known artist & teacher.

Explore the recreated Barn Studio of Walter Yost in the Museum.

View a rotating gallery of his art - see his student art and illustrations & more...

...and share your memories, sign the Studio Guestbook, leave your own art memory.

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That would be YOU - whether you knew Walter Yost or not you can experience his view of Kansas as he captured it in his art.


This special exhibit on Atchison County's own - Walter Yost - is the biggest - most comprehensive exhibit project we have undertaken in our 50 years as Atchison County's Museum. It has Art, it has Yost's recreated barn studio, it has his tools and the artifacts of family, farm and home he preserved.


Walter Yost - True to His Roots is now open and evolving, we will continue to add new pieces to the exhibit, more information will be added as YOU - our audience share your own knowledge, stories, art and more. The exhibit will be on display in the Atchison County Historical Society Museum - continues into 2019.

The works of art displayed will rotate as we borrow pieces for exhibit about every 6 to 8 weeks and for the Holiday Season we are restoring one of Yost's final large projects - an outdoor Christmas Light background --- watch for more details soon.

And watch here and on Facebook for special events, programs, art creation days and more...


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Thanks to Walter Yost's daughter, Karen McDow, and many former students and collectors of Walter Yost's art, stories, Yostisms we can bring you this exhibit that illustrates "that the making of art is creating a visual, historical record of our time on Earth ".

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Tell me more about Walter Yost. What is True to His Roots?

Walter Arthur Yost was born in Cummings, KS on Feb. 26, 1911 in the same room he would still sleep in as an adult. Although he would travel far in his years on Earth he would never leave his Atchison County home.
A family man, teacher, artist, worker of the soil and a preserver of the beauty and history that surrounded him - he painted more than 500 paintings, plus more screen prints, illustrations and projects than he could count.
His wife Mary and daughter Karen were inspirations to his life and art as was preserving his family home, the tools and artifacts of his family heritage.

He worked his way through school and the University of Kansas during the Great Depression, returned home to save the family homestead, began teaching while earning his Masters of Fine Arts also at the Univ. of Kansas.

He recieved the 1976 Kansas Governors Artist of the Year Award and participated in the 1989-1990 Kansas Governors Artist Winners Traveling Exhibition.

He considered his greatest success the success of his thousands of students - at Atchison High School, Highland Community College, Benedictine College and many more colleges, local students and more through the years.

May 26, 1995 he died at his home in Cummings, KS.


“If you were caught drawing a picture, you got your knuckles slapped. The second time, you got a board around your rear end,” Walter Yost about when he was in elementary school at the Camp Creek Grade School. “Art was considered foolishness.”

WALTER YOST, about when he was in elementary school at the Camp Creek Grade School in Atchison County, KS


You can help us make this exhibit even more comprehensive. We feel Walter Yost is underappreciated as an artist and his impact underrated. Part of this project is creating an archive of his work and information, stories and details about his life and work and the success of his students. We believe this archive of material will be of great value to researchers in the future - but if we wait until Yost receives his due many of his paintings and the stories from his students will be impossible to locate. So here is where you get involved - send us an email with your information - details and photos of any art pieces you may possess. We will continue gathering through the exhibit and beyond - but now is the time to contact us. Click here to go to the Contact Us Page and help us gather more info on Walter Yost.


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